Sneak Peek at Mobile 2015’s Breakout Sessions

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015


Mobile Learning Experience 2015 will have dozens of breakout sessions over the course of three days. The conference team is busy putting the final program together, but we’re so excited about Mobile 2015’s offerings, that we’re posting many of the session titles.

Mobile 2015’s sessions are presented by our nationally known featured speakers and by educators from around the world. The topics include classroom experiences, leadership, vision, and deployment—there’s something for K12 classroom teachers, technology coaches, and administrators!

  • Pump Them Up with Digital Icebreakers
  • Behavior Management in the iEra: Which iPad App When?
  • The ABC’s of Social Communication iPad Apps for Digital Citizenship
  • Give Clickers the Boot with Kahoot!
  • Mojo – Creating User Generated Stories on a Smartphone
  • How to Create Widgets and Bring Interactivity to the Classroom
  • Snap Appy
  • Bridging the Communication Gap with Parents Using New Tools
  • Evernote Crush
  • How Will You Know?
  •  Watch and Wearables – Ready for the Classroom?
  • Instagram and Infopics for Learning and Pleasure
  • Build: a ‘Theory of Everything’ for Education, Built Together
  • Professional Development and Mobile Learning Tools
  • Forget About Clickers, It’s Plickers!
  • Dice UP the Classroom
  • Digital Resources to Assist the Classroom’s Most Powerful Tool
  • Unbound Learning to Prepare Students for the 21st Century Workforce
  • Seek & Ye Shall Find: 21st Century Research
  • Supercharge your Lesson with Google Classroom
  • Planning for Success
  • Creative Apps to Enhance the Primary Science and Social Studies Classroom
  • Primary Classroom Magic: Using iPads to Meet the Rigors of ELA/CCS
  • What Will Your Verse Be? Digital Storytelling Using iPads and iMovie
  • Challenge-Based Learning: A Challenge, Not a Project
  • ClassJournals: An Invaluable, Interactive, Cloud-Based Tool for Every Digital Classroom
  • Collaborative Partnerships Come Full Circle: The Creation of an Educational App
  • Blended Learning/Project Based Learning
  • Taking a Look: Interventions, iPads, and Reading/Writing Instruction
  • Provide Options! UDL and iOS Apps
  • Engagement, Empowerment, and Sharing with iPads Leads to Great Opportunities!
  • The Thirteenth Labor of Hercules: Starting the 1:1 Initiative
  • Mobile Digital Publishing
  • Crafting Questions That Drive Projects
  • Worth 1,000 Words: Finding and Designing Visuals for Your Projects
  • Make It Your Own
Registration is open until May 31st. Registration is handled through the Arizona K12 Center’s website.